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We are here to share with you Choices Stories You Play Hack, No need to spend real money anymore in this game using this Choices Stories You Play Cheats everything solved already, Your chance to live your own fantasy life has arrived finally! The game is offering you several options to choose from, living as a criminal, enjoying the most romantic love story ever, and maybe even become an astronaut…

There are no boundaries in the game, but the only issue that the available stories and books will be limited and you have to unlock them using the diamonds. Obtain these diamonds in any number you want alongside the keys as soon as you start laying your hands over the Choices Stories You Play Cheats for free.

Choices Stories You Play was created and published by “Pixelberry” company and it is available to be downloaded and played on the Android and IOS platforms.

When it comes to the graphics quality, this game would be scoring the lower points as it is focusing mainly on the script writing and the different events. You can explore the full experience by using the Choices Stories You Play Hack and without paying a single penny.

Quick Introduction to the Game Features.

By reading the previous section, we are sure that you are fully aware of the right customization you need to follow in order to set your game on the right path.

Do not forget to enter the achievements section to know more about the targets you need to reach in order to claim the experience rewards for each achievement you are completing. The rewards will increase depending on the difficulty level of the achievement itself.

You must be looking for answers to the questions you have in mind about the game, but you did not find the right place yet as you are reading this preview right now…that is why we have decided to list the most questions we have received so far and answer them in the list according to the priority levels.

Before you start reading the common questions and answers, activating the Choices Stories You Play Hack will come in handy later on.

Settings Menu.

At the start of each game, we would love to take a deeper look through the customization menu and start knowing the available options that we can twerk around and make our experience much better overall, Still you can obtain so much great info from wiki pages.

That is what we will be doing in this segment.

  • Notifications: you may turn this feature on, only if you were interested so much in the game itself. If you do believe that everything that happens in the game would worth your time to check on it, and then turn it on…otherwise it could become a major disturbing factor and energy wasting.
  • Facebook/Google: you can choose to login to the game using either of these two accounts, they both will be doing the same task that is based on retrieving all your important progression data and keep you updated with the latest changes frequently. In addition, you can send out invitations to your friends through the social media world via this feature. You can also sign out from these accounts whenever you want through the settings menu as we have illustrated earlier.
  • Leaderboards: climbing the ladder of the leaderboard is not going to be easy or simple as you are expecting. The hard work and dedication must be there, and we are recommending you as a player to use the Choices Stories You Play Cheats and secure yourself a location among the top players.

These were the most important features we have seen in the menu so far, and we are planning to keep talking more in depth about the game in our Choices Stories You Play Guide.

Keys & Diamonds.

Many players are wondering about the fastest way to earn diamonds and keys in the game, the only available solution is by visiting the store and starting to use the credit card to purchase extra diamonds or keys.

The normal players are not planning to waste their savings on the game; even though they loved it…so we have to figure out another way, you can follow to achieve your goal through it.

Let us start with the Diamonds; they are earnt by completing chapters for the first time, which means that if you have decided to play the chapter once more, there will not be any diamonds waiting for you ahead.

Remember that completing the chat story chapters will not reward you with diamonds, so keep them to the end or do not put them up to the highest priority targets.

You may also get them diamonds through the Choices Stories You Play Hack help, this feature is new to your ears, but we are planning to let you know how it functions exactly during the playing period.Your questions about the keys will be answered right on the next phase…

How to Get Extra Keys?

It is a little bit easier to get keys when it is compared with the diamonds. The keys are playing a vital role in the game that could be consideredas important as the Diamonds.

They have created this soft cap of having two keys maximum. However, this cap will be expanded as you progress forward or unlock it by using Choices Stories You Play Cheats, both options are available to choose from.

If the cap is not full, then every 2 hours a new key will be added to your inventory and making it look much better with it until it reaches the full number.

If you have experienced some problems about receiving a new key after 2 hours, then you must check out on the following sections.

  • Your device clock and date must be set up and set to automatic for optimal results.
  • In addition, the time zone must be correct; the game is following a different and complicated system to count down the time.

These two parts needs to be checked in order to achieve the results you are wishing for in the game so far. That is the main point of the game…

General Instructions.

You cannot play the game in any other language, only the English is supported now. They are planning to add new languages later on to serve more players and expand the market rapidly.

Before making a choice inside a chapter, you have to examine all the available options carefully and know exactly what you are supposed to do because if you have done a mistake, there is no way to restart the phase once more unless you have managed to complete the entire chapter.

Restarting the chapter will also cause you to lose all what you have achieved, but the premium choices you have made so far will be saved and will not be available to be changed. The Choices Stories You Play Cheats might give you the chance to have control over this part.

Keep the game connected to the internet to check frequently to the latest updates, as they are trying to add new stories frequently and make the game much better every day. Keep yourself up to date by updating the game especially if you have completed all the available stories.

Choose From Over Seven Different Categories.

Customize your own library by simply entering the My Books section and start adding or removing the books you want freely.

If there were something that we have enjoyed the most in this game, then it would be the simple UI and how it has made everything to look much easier than expected.

You should also read about the chat stories and try to learn the difference between them and other books. It could provide you with a new experience that is very different from the regular books section…

The main idea behind the chat story is to let your mind do the picturing of the events and create a brand new world with full of places and things you enjoy. There are no pictures or videos, only words and the rest is yours to play with.

You might want to consider getting the Choices Stories You Play Cheats to have all of them features unlocked, but you should not rush with this feature, as it will leave you frustrated with the amount of unlocked books.

How to Play?

The books are divided into several categories, and each one is packing several stories that are representing this category. You can find your favorite type by simply scrolling down and searching for the type of movies that fits your taste.

If you have faced any trouble starting the story due to the lack of keys or diamonds, then the Choices Stories You Play Hack should become your first option. Do not hesitate activating it to receive any number of keys you select from the list above.

By reaching this point, we have realized that we have covered all the features of the game, and the time has come to dive deeper throughout the different parts of the gameplay and try to expose to the readers how the gameplay is working to learn the basics

  • The story will begin by creating your own character that will go through the various events.
  • Reading the lines carefully and knowing exactly what to choose is the right thing to do.
  • Your choice will shape the entire future for you, so try to do the math before you pick up a choice.
  • Your interaction with the other characters will affect the storyline path.

Now, by reaching the end of the preview, we would love to remind you once more that the Choices Stories You Play Cheats would be always available for you to use it to get your needs of Diamonds and Keys.


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